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S&S has been serving the community of Leicester since 2005. We are a local privately owned Fitness centre in the heart of North Evington, Leicester. We started trading in the January 2005, from a small unit. It all started with a passion from our founder the Late Salim Sarang, to provide a service for the community within the community at a economical price. Sticking to these simlple principles we have succesfully traded for over eleven years. Over the course of the past five years we outgrew our premsies and developed a 15,000 square feet premises to cater for our demanding services this year we had great pleasure in moving to a much larger unit situated on the same road.

We can now offer many more facilities for the local community which include Sports Hall, Fitness suites both for men and women (fully segregated), an Aerobics Studio, and a Boxing Suite. Working with the local community we realise that certain members prefer to have a fitness centre where men and women are separated. Therefore we are the only local gym which facilitate for both men and women separately. I am sure, that once you have visited our premises you will wish to join as well.


. Cardio Machines
. Strength Machines
. Cable Machines
. Free Weights from 2.5 to 50kg
. Barbells/ Curlbars
. Boxing/ Floor work area
. Sauna & Steam Room
. Showers/ Changing Facilities
. Qualified Instructors
. Nutritional Supplements
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Qualified Male & Female Personal Trainers Available


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Classes Available Mornings & Evenings
. Spin
. Step/Tone
. Yoga/ Pilates
. Aerobics
. Circuit
& Many More

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. Daily Sessions from 6pm-10pm
. Boys Sessions (from 7 years- 11 years) 11pm-12pm on Sundays
. Boys Sessions (from 12 years plus) 12pm-1pm on Sundays
. Girls Boxing (from 7 years plus) 12pm-1pm on Saturdays
. More information contact us at